At Feats we get it, you want to ride your bycicle everyday. Although our bycicles are made out of the best materials, materials break sometimes. We understand the inconvenience of defects and thus are hear to help you get back on your bycicle as soon as possible. Unlike big companies, who often hide behind their lenghtly and confusion policies, we prefer a more personal approach. In the case that you believe there is something wrong with your bycicle, just contact us and we can work on a reasonable solution together. Of course, there are a couple general rules that we will play by in regards to warranties:

  • Feats products are guaranteed against faulty materials and workmanship for 12 months, starting at the day of purchase
  • Our warranty is extended only to the original consumer purchaser. To claim warranty, you will need to posses the original receipt; make sure you put your receipt in a secure place! It is not possible to transfer the warranty to anyone else under any circumstance.
  • When using your Feats, signs of wear and tear will occur. These wear and tear signs are not part of the warranty.
  • Wrong usage, repairs or installation of accessories are not part of warranty
  • Feats may ask you to return the defected part, at your expense, for inspection.
  • The defected part must be accompanied by a copy of the original and dated proof of purchase (purchase receipt).
  • All rights on warranty are voided when (any) modifications are made to the FEATS

Sounds reasonable right? That’s what we thought!
In case you want to read our official policy, you can always go to our website and read the Terms and conditions there.