About us

#cycling is the remedy

Life on a Feats

At Feats we love to cycle, and think you will love it just as much as we do. So we want to share a new kind of day with you and even, let’s make a bold statement here; a new kind of life. Because why move from your office cubicle into a tin cubicle on four wheels, just to get stuck in traffic or wait in front of another red light. See yourself there? Sitting in a car, annoyingly waiting to get to where you want to be? Well, here’s a thought for you: open the door of that car, get out and get on your Feats.


No matter the weather, this feeling of freedom on your bicycle doesn’t come at a price. On your Feats you don’t have to rush when you don’t want to and it never gets stuck in places you don’t want to be. Soon you’ll find that all you need is just a quiet whisper and a few kicks on the pedals away from your previous destination. So let’s Feats, because cycling is the remedy.

For the love of bicycles

Now that we’ve got your ass on a Feats, let’s go for a little bicycle ride together. For this particular ride you’ll need a bit of imagination. Ready? Let’s go! Think away at least half of the cars you see, imagine double the amount of bicycles. For the sake of it, let’s make that a bunch of people looking cool on a Feats. Now add a breeze blowing through your hair. Sweet image right?! Just realize what this imaginary city sounds like: no engines running, no cars honking. Imagine the fresh air, no smog, less pollution as you pedal along on your bicycle. Cruising through town.


Look, there’s all of your friends, cold drink in hand. Time to park your Feats next to theirs and order another round. waiting for you on their Feats. That was quite the ride, right? Why not try to turn this image into reality? The more people we get on a Feats, the nicer our cities will become again. Cycling is the remedy.

About the Bicycles

Our first priority is to send you off on the most comfortable ride ever. Besides comfort we want you to look and feel great as you cruise through life during your daily ride. Because don’t you select your daily outfit with care? Style your hair every morning before you head out? Then why get on an ugly bike that doesn’t pick up some shine in your Instagram feed? Our designs are simple, elegant and come with unique wooden details. A Feats is super strong, yet light, because we have carefully selected the best materials to make the bicycles last, sustainable and suitable for all kinds of rides. All to give you that last little push in the back before we let you go into the great wide world.